Evolutionary Architecture

“Architecture suffers with routine”

-Le Corbusier

Architecture responds to the times. Too often do we try to force past formulas on current conditions with little success.  Architecture is evolutionary and if we deny it that then we are only limiting our gains. Its evolution is intrinsically related to advances in technology.


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Architecture or Revolution

In every domain of industry, new problems have been posed and tools capable of solving them have been created. If we set this fact against the past, there is revolution.

In building, the factory production of standardized parts has begun; on the basis of new economic necessities, part elements and ensemble elements have been created; conclusive realizations have been achieved in parts and in ensembles. If we set ourselves against the past, there is revolution in the methods and the magnitude of enterprises.

Whereas the history of architecture evolves slowly over the centuries in terms of structure and decor, in the last fifty years iron and cement have brought gains that are in the index of a great power to build and the index of an architecture whose code is in upheaval. If we set ourselves against the past we determine that the styles no longer exist for us, that the style of an era has been elaborated; there has been a revolution.


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Words form the wise- Le Corbusier

“Architecture is the use of raw materials to establish stirring relationships.

Architecture goes beyond utilitarian things.

Architecture is a plastic thing.

Spirit of order, unity of intention.

The sense of relationships; architecture organizes quantities.

Passion can make drama out of inert stone.”

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What does the material want to be?

“It teaches us that the beauty of wood lies first in its qualities as wood; no treatment that did not bring out these qualities all the time could be plastic, and therefore not appropriate – so not beautiful, the Machine teaches us, if we have left it to the machine that certain simple forms and handling are suitable to bring out the beauty of wood and certain forms are not; that all wood-carving is apt to be a forcing of the material, an insult to its finer possibilities as a material having in itself intrinsically artistic properties, of which its beautiful markings is one, its texture another, its color a third.”

-Frank Lloyd Wright


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What is Architecture?

Architecture is a consequential response to the human experience.

Just as the modernist movements of the 20th century, we too are in a transitional period. The advent of new technologies is increasingly influencing our way of life and subsequently the role of architecture within it. New technology replaces the old less efficient means of designing and creating. It creates new opportunities to enhance our lives through a variety of mediums. Along with new advantages, new technologies bring new issues and constraints as evident in the Manufactured Landscapes film.

Can new technologies also be applied to manage these new issues?

Is this just a continuous cycle of creating benefits then creating new problems? How do we break the cycle?

Technology helps determine architectural form.

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